How to Remember Tien Len Cards Simple and Easy to Win

How to memorize lessons quickly without spending too much effort? This is a skill that requires players to apply their intelligence and perform it in a unique way.

How to remember cards in a game is not too difficult, players just need to remember in order from low to high, everything will be much easier and more convenient.
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So please follow the article below immediately New88 to know exactly what the details are like!

Rules you need to know in remembering lessons

Tien Len is an entertainment subject of chance. This subject originated from the West and then spread to Vietnam and is being developed very strongly. Remembering cards can be said to be one of the rules that determines victory when participating in card games.

This method helps players increase their chances and ability to win their bets more conveniently and easily.

Understand the rules in how to memorize lessons

Players need to refer to and understand this first rule to help players win. Bne6 Besides, in addition to remembering the rules correctly, we ourselves need to determine how to play effectively with strategies that do not use emotions.

If the player is still confused and has lost confidence because he has not yet mastered the rules of the game, then he needs to make the most of the lucky opportunities he has to escape danger.

Moreover, the principle of card memorization also brings many benefits and opportunities so that players will not overlap with their opponents when playing. As well as the chances of winning are higher than with regular bets that do not apply the principle.

The 2 most popular ways to remember Tien Len cards today

  • You need to remember which cards you played before, so you can have the right direction to play, and you need to remember which cards the player used in previous plays. There is a memory tip from  New88 experts: remember according to the A-Z method or from low to high.
  • Next, this is the important part that seems to be the key in how to memorize cards to advance, which is to remember your opponent’s cards as much as possible. However, it is not easy to remember all of your opponent’s cards, but you can pay attention from the time they spread their cards until the end of the final game.

From the above two basic things, players can reduce the chance of being blocked 2 and being caught by the opponent. From there is also the best chance to win.

The fastest way to remember cards from low to high

This can be said to be the method that helps us remember best. Players can apply it directly to the cards with numbers from low to high and play in the appropriate order.
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Players can easily get the fastest winning opportunities and when combined with their own card playing techniques, they can maximize them.

However, not every bet always follows a certain method but also aims at the most accurate decision and also needs to be based on the opponent’s playing tendency to be able to decide.

The fastest way to remember cards of the same color and suit

This entertainment is increasingly popular and attracts thousands of players from many casinos. Compared to Tien Len in the North, Tien Len in the South is easier to play and the rules are set in the game. Betting will also be much easier to win.

It can be said that in advancing to the North, the player must play and block cards of the same color and suit together in a row. Because of this, among other forms of advancement in other regions, advancement in the South is also the place with the highest chance of winning.

The South is much more attractive and popular with players than the North and other regions.

Strategy in simple way to remember Tien Len cards

Players only need to apply one of the following unique strategies and make them their own so that they can have the fastest way to memorize cards and become a master and win on many fronts completely. easy. Let’s start diving into the details!

How to remember cards for previous bets

In simple terms, the player needs to remember which cards he and his opponent played in the previous game and accordingly the probability of holding these cards again will be less or the card system is random. From there, players will have more accurate moves and will know exactly what their opponent’s ability to hold cards is like.

How to remember your opponent’s advance cards when playing

You should remember this method carefully and remember how the cards played by your opponent play an important role in determining the player’s ability to win or lose in every battle.

Your chance of winning will now double and when you remember all the previous cards your opponent has thrown, it is considered that 50% of victory is in hand.

How to remember your own advance lessons

The first bet greatly affects the way you remember your cards. Therefore, to calculate the appropriate moves, the player needs to arrange the cards in the most reasonable way and remember them in order.

Observe the overall situation of the game and have a method to change the cards in the cards accordingly, play the cards to block the opponent’s chance of winning.

How to remember “Pig” in moving forward

Everyone knows that in the forward game, card 2 (Boar) has the highest value in the deck and can block all other cards in the bet. The main strength of the number 2 cards according to suit will be Spades, Diamonds, Diamonds, Hearts, so remember that certain Pigs bring many suitable winning opportunities so that the player can win.

At this time, you will remember whether your opponent has shown any Pig cards or not and need to consider the betting situation to be able to counterattack appropriately.

How to memorize advanced lessons

If you want to win the bet, you need to prioritize memorizing the cards in order of greatest value first, such as the Pig and then A, K, Q, J, 10, in descending order.

In this form, memory will be affected by the player’s memory and if possible, he will be able to store information with his brain better than normal people. This is the final strategy and increases your chances of winning the most.

How to hide cards and apply psychological attacks

Sometimes players should use a little trick or strategy to hide cards, only then can the player be successful in remembering Southern cards to quickly win against opponents as well as opponents.

If applied correctly, it will cause the opponent to fall into a state of confusion and then may not know how many cards you are holding.

The player will increase the probability of winning the opponent’s cards or you can apply a strong card strategy. Next, make the opponent hesitate and wonder how to fight appropriately.


It can be said that through the article How to Remember Tien Len, it will help many offshore players to quickly land, and if those who refer to this article have any questions or concerns, feel free to do so. Comment below the article or message  New88’s fanpage so the admins can answer your questions.

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