Learn about chicken scales and what you need to know about this rare type of scale

Chicken scales are a special type of scale on chicken feet, said to symbolize good qualities such as luck, fortune and outstanding strength. This is considered a rare symbol that only appears in a small portion of purebred fighting chicken breeds. According to feng shui concepts, this symmetrical set of 4-row scales helps enhance prosperity and bring luck to the chicken in battles. Therefore, chicken breeds with three-talented and four-quarter scales are always sought after and are among the top species collected by fighting cock enthusiasts. So do you understand and know anything about chicken scales yet? If not, then let’s explore the article below.

Some information about chicken scales

The cock’s scales are characterized by three parallel rows of feathers running vertically from the pillow to the pot. The hair internodes are usually similar in size and arranged neatly. According to the advice of cockfighting experts, you should choose birds with feathers shaped like a nucleus to ensure the best quality.

In particular, some rare chicken breeds have up to 4 rows of feathers with 2 normal large rows surrounding a small row in the middle. This is the “three-talented and four-precious scales” often found in the Linh Ke breed or some fierce chicken breeds. Those with 4 rows of symmetrical feathers on both legs are more valuable and are the hunting target of many cockfighting players because of their rarity.

In terms of benefits, talented chicken scales not only show superiority in strength and speed in defeating opponents in matches, but also have a brilliant feathered appearance and sharp, attractive claws. They also bring high economic value when many people hunt, buy, raise or collect.

Identify popular types of three-talented and four-quartered chicken scales

Lucky chickens are chicken breeds that possess 3 special rows of feathers on their legs, symbolizing fortune, luck and good health. Below we will introduce to you the top 4 rare breeds of chicken scales that are most sought after by many people.

Scales of the tricolor are sutured

The scales of Tai Van Cau chicken are a type of scale consisting of 3 large rows, appearing not far from the spurs of the legs. This type of scale is only found in some rare breeds of chickens or those with aggressive personalities and good fighting qualities. They are often located symmetrically on both legs and are easy to recognize even from a distance, so they are very popular with cockfighters, especially those who want to own a classy fighting chicken.

The three-talented knife penetrates

This type of scale is considered extremely rare, even difficult to find in normal fighting chickens. It appears mainly on high-end fighting chicken breeds such as genuine Thai chickens or Dong Tao chickens. In general, these are all particularly aggressive and strong chicken lines, capable of quickly knocking out opponents in field fights. That’s why farmers need to avoid letting them come into contact with blows or spurs to ensure safety.

Three talents open up

Regarding Tai Khai Duong chicken scales, this type of scale has 6 scales arranged opposite to form 3 pairs. On the outside, it is quite similar to the three-way scale pattern. However, the reality is completely different. The number of 6 symmetrical scales is the most characteristic point to identify the three talents. And according to folk beliefs, chickens with more than 8 scales are considered of poor quality and should not be chosen for raising or competing.

Tam tai moon sa

The characteristic feature of the three large scales located next to each other resembles a crescent moon. This type of scale is even rarer than that of the celestial chicken, appearing only in a few extremely precious chicken breeds. Chickens possessing scales are said to have a special talent in fighting skills thanks to the effective support from the scales at the foot spur position. Therefore, when evaluating matches with the presence of this type of chicken, fans need to be very considerate to make accurate predictions.

The secret to reading financial scales most accurately

Below are some tips to view and accurately identify the most talented chicken scales that the experts use Hi88 share:

  • Observe carefully the 3 rows of scales on the chicken’s feet. The scales are characterized by 3 rows of sharp scales, parallel to each other from the thighs to the ankles.
  • Count the number of scales, if 11-13 scales/row is standard. More than 13 scales is excess, less than 11 is deficiency.
  • Look at the scale size, the middle scale must be big, the strongest is the scales on both sides gradually getting smaller, the smaller the better.
  • Check the seamlessness of the scales. Good scales will not be interrupted, will be connected from top to bottom, forming 3 parallel lines.
  • Observe the shape of the scale edges. The scale edges must be even, close together, and not protruding to be a good chicken breed.
  • Shining under the light, the real scales will sparkle under the light, looking very beautiful.

If the chicken meets all the above criteria, it can be confirmed that it is a standard chicken scale or three-talent chicken scale. This is the secret to identifying this rare type of chicken.

Currently, many cockfighting players are still actively searching for and collecting talented chickens with scales. Readers who want to learn about and own these chickens can visit this page Đá Gà Hi88 for support, advice and updates on the latest information.

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