Precise Southern Tien Len Game Rules That You Shouldn’t Miss

Rules of the game moving forward to the South Helps gamers easily participate in every game and win quickly. Over the years, this game has become a symbol of traditional culture, passed down through many generations. Therefore, let’s explore with today’s article the rules specified in New88.

Principles in a game of betting according to Southern Tien Len game rules

The rules of the Southern Tien Len game are not too complicated, just learn it a few times and you will be able to participate in the game right away. However, to be sure of winning when playing this game, you need to remember the following rules:

  • This game uses a 52-card deck of cards, a table has two to four members, you can choose a table with the number of players depending on your preference.
  • At each bet, each player is dealt 13 cards, played clockwise.
  • The member with three spades will go first in the first game and the winner of this game will have the right to go first in the next game.
  • The member who comes out later must play a card larger and of the same type as the player who played first. If you don’t want or can’t follow the cards, you can choose to skip the round.
  • The bet ends when the participating member has no more cards in hand.
  • The rules of the Southern Tien Len game stipulate that it’s best to take all, in the bet there is only one champion.
  • The losing member returns the losing bet to the winner an amount equal to the total fine for rotten cards plus the fine for having a pig chopped or a special deck of cards (if any).
  • If a player loses connection, they will have an additional ten seconds to restore connection. In case the connection is completely disconnected, if they still have a turn to play, the time to play will be shortened. At the end of the game, the member who loses connection will be kicked off the table and their losses will be deducted based on the number of cards left in hand.

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Regulations General and the order of strengths and weaknesses of the cards in the Southern Tien Len game rules

The deck of cards used to interact in Tien Len Mien Nam is the tu lo kho card deck consisting of 52 cards. The advantages and disadvantages of each card are determined based on their value, but if the values ​​are equal, the nature of each card will be the deciding factor.

The order of strength and weakness of the pieces is arranged from smallest to largest as follows: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2 (also known as pig )

In addition, diamonds, spades, steels and clubs all have great influence on the order of the cards, with the order increasing from spades to diamonds.

Standard card dealing process according to Southern Tien Len game rules

Before starting each game of Tien Len Southern, the card-dealing process requires careful preparation to ensure fairness and clarity. The following is the method of dividing the cards:

  • The dealer needs to shuffle the cards before dealing and needs to do this transparently in front of all players.
  • In the first game, any member can take on the role of distributor. However, from the second game onwards, whoever finishes first will take on the role of dealer.
  • Cards are usually dealt in a counter-clockwise direction, at the same time the first card will obviously belong to the member dealing the card.
  • The deck of 52 cards will be divided equally among 4 participants, each member will receive 13 cards. In a situation where there are only 3 players, the remaining cards will be placed face down in the middle of the table, no one is allowed to see these remaining cards.

Blocking rules and corresponding bet level penalties in advancing to the South

According to the Southern Tien Len game rules, the blocking method and penalty level for each case are specified as follows:

  • Blocking the black pig: Penalty once the bet level, can be blocked by four of a kind, three pairs of pine, four pairs of pine.
  • Blocking the red pig: Penalty twice the bet amount, can be blocked by four of a kind, three pairs of pine, four pairs of pine.
  • Blocking a pair of pigs: Penalty depends on the quality of the pair of pigs, can be blocked with four pairs of pine or four of quarters.
  • Blocking three of a kind: Penalty of three bets, can be blocked by four of a kind, four of a kind, or higher three of a kind.
  • Block four of a kind: Penalty of four bets, can be blocked by four of a kind or a higher four of a kind.
  • Blocking four pairs: Penalty five times the bet, can be blocked by four higher pairs.

Regulations on fines for rotting cards in the Southern Tien Len game rules

The penalty for rotten cards is based on the number of cards and special decks left in the loser’s hand. Each type of rotten card will be penalized at a different bet level. According to the law of advancing to the South:

  • Rotten from one to six cards: Penalty of one time bet.
  • Rotten within seven to twelve cards: Penalty twice the bet amount.
  • Freezing (not being able to hit even one card): Penalty for three bets.
  • Rotten a black pig: Penalty for one bet.
  • Rotten a red pig: Penalty for two bets.


In this article, we have shared about Rules of the game of advancing to the South Precise and extremely easy to apply. Hopefully with the above content, gamers can gain more victories when participating in entertainment with interesting card games. Hopefully more luck will come to players and you can bring home a lot of bonuses today.

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