Ocean Fish Shooting – Explore the Vast Deep Sea

Ocean Fish Shooting for Rewards is an entertaining game with funny graphic design, interesting rules and many valuable rewards. Coming to this product, you can try your hand at a series of very modern weapons, bringing enormous damage. We invite you to join NEW88 for information about this game.

Introducing an overview of Ocean Fish Shooting

This Fish Shooting Game allows members to redeem real money. The game takes ideas from traditional slot fish shooting games. However, the game features are perfectly upgraded, expanding the entertainment space for you to optimize.

The ocean scene, both familiar and new, is recreated very realistically. The marine species are also diverse, creating an extremely lively ecosystem. You become professional marksmen who conquer targets.

The game was introduced to the fishing community a long time ago and received safety certification from online entertainment product quality management units. Coming to this space, everyone can show off their marksmanship skills and redeem rewards extremely quickly.

How to play Ocean Fish Shooting at New88

Ocean Fish Shooting is one of the very hot topics here New88. Members can join at any time and whenever you want.

Step 1: Create an account

Bookmaker New88 requires everyone to have an account when they want to experience the game. That means you will have to provide personal information to create a separate account. Go to New88’s homepage, on the toolbar there is a “REGISTER” section, click on it to update the data required by the website.

Step 2: Deposit money

Next will be the process of depositing money into the Ocean Fish Shooting account at New88. In the “DEPOSIT” section, you choose a reasonable transaction method for more convenience in the deposit process.

You will see the system provide a corresponding account to receive money. After successfully transferring money, you provide information on the information board and update it.

Step 3: Participate in Ocean Fish Shooting

Continuing, players access the Fish Shooting section on the home page. Here, you can experience the ocean fish shooting game with great ease.

Before participating, everyone carefully reads the game rules, explores the features and invests in weapons to their liking. If you conquer the goal according to the rules, you can request to redeem your reward.
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Tips for playing Ocean Fish Shooting to win big

This fish shooting game is not difficult to play, but to win big prizes, we need a lot of experience. You can follow the fish hunting skills to receive great rewards right below:

Choose when the fish just leaves the screen

In the dynamic world of the game, a clear understanding of how objectives appear is essential. Everyone should take advantage of the moment the fish comes out of the screen to aim and shoot.

Fish that come off the table can often die immediately if shot immediately. Therefore, an important tip is that when you realize the fish have just appeared, aim and shoot immediately to take advantage of the chance of hitting big.

Shoot fish in groups

When you spot a school of fish of nearly 10 fish, switch to level 2 bullets and aim accurately at the school of fish. Next, shoot 3 – 5 shots in a row. At this time, the ability to catch many fish in the school will increase significantly. This Ocean Fish Shooting strategy aims to take advantage of a large number of fish gathering, increasing your chances of earning coins and scores quickly.

This cool trick requires agility and accurate shooting skills. However, if done properly, they will be an effective way to get rich in the colorful sea world of fish shooting for money.

If you have enough bullets, shoot a big target

Use large bullets like high-grade bullets to accurately aim at targets such as big fish, mermaids, sharks… This gives you a unique experience when facing difficult targets. This strategy will help you increase your chances of earning a significant amount of coins.

Each time you shoot and defeat a big fish, you will receive an amount of coins 100 to 200 times the amount you spent to reload. This is a high-end way to play and is suitable for players with strategic vision. Please try to apply and experience the difference in fish hunting using this strategy.


Ocean Fish Shooting is a great experience on New88. The game is specially designed so that anyone can participate. With just a little skill, even novice players can easily become winners.

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