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With the development of the internet, playing Bau Cua online has become more attractive than ever with its convenience and ability to receive great rewards. In the list of platforms for playing Bau Cua online,  New88 GourdWind attracts praise from the betting community because of its unique advantages and attractive bonus rates. Let’s explore interesting things about this game from dealer New88 Through today’s article!

Dealer New88 Introducing the game Bau Cua

Bau Cua Tom Ca, a gambling game that often appears on holidays and Tet in Vietnam, has become a popular game. The online version of this game has random gameplay similar to Roulette. Known as one of the hottest games in the world New88 Casino, Bau Cua attracts with its simple methods and great reward potential.

Players will bet on symbols representing animals such as Gourd, Crab, Shrimp, Fish, and Chicken. Their task is to predict which symbol will appear in the roll of the dice and bet accordingly.

Detailed rules for the game New88 Election crab

This game does not limit the number of participants or the amount of bets, and it is divided into several rounds. When the dealer rolls 3 dice, the game begins. Each player takes turns placing bets on the betting table. Each person can choose one or more bets, placing money in the corresponding box they choose.

Method of calculating winning and losing results in betting games New88 What is Bau Cua like?

After the player places a bet, the dealer New88 will roll the dice to determine the result. If the result does not match any of the boxes the player has bet on, the bet amount will be refunded by the house. However, if one, two or all three dice show the image of the mascot that the player has bet on, they will receive a profit corresponding to the number of times that mascot appears multiplied by the bet amount. .

For example, if you bet 100k on the Gourd slot and the Gourd appears once as a result, you will receive 100k back. If Bau appears twice, your profit will be 200k. If up to three Gourds appear, you will receive 300k. In case no Bau appears, you will lose your initial bet of 100k.

Regulations in the game rules allow players to bet on many different mascot boxes in the same bet, increasing their chances of winning.

Different betting options in the game New88 Election crab

In this game, players have the following sets of bets:

  • Any set of 3: Bet on any 1 set of 3 animals among the 6 mascots on the table. If the 3 dice are all the animals you bet on, you win. Even if the trio is of the same type like Crab – Crab – Crab, you still win.
  • Set of 3: Bet on a set of three, such as Tom – Tom – Tom. If the dice match the three you choose, you win.
  • Exact Pair: Bet on 2 mascots that will appear together in the game. For example: Fish – Shrimp – Fish. If the couple you choose is correct, you win.
  • Any couple: Correctly predict any couple among the 6 mascots on the table. For example: Fish – Fish – Shrimp or Shrimp – Shrimp – Chicken. If the couple you choose is correct, you win.

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Special strengths of the game New88 Election crab

Participation in playing Bau Cua online at New88 Casino brings a special new experience of this game. New88 Bau Cua is designed with a novel interface that attracts attention. The house has upgraded the game with many unique features, attracting a large number of players to participate every day.

Odds of winning bets in Bau Cua game New88 is one of the highest on the market. New88 Casino is committed to ensuring quality, security and a strong transmission system when you participate in playing Bau Cua online here.

New88 Bau Cua offers many different betting levels, suitable for the needs of a diverse range of players. Not only that, when participating in Bau Cua New88, you have the opportunity to receive attractive bonuses from promotions. This helps you have more capital to bet on your favorite games.

How to participate in the game New88 Election crab

Once you understand the rules and benefits of Bau Cua game New88, if you want to participate in this game, see instructions on how to participate below:

Step 1: Log in and select New88 Election crab

To participate, you need a member account at the house New88. The registration process is very simple and fast. On the main interface, you just need to click on “REGISTER” and follow the instructions. When registration is confirmed successfully, the system will automatically log you in. Next time, you just need to access the dealer’s link New88, enter your account name and password to log in.

Then, on the main interface, you can select “Bau Cua” or search for this game in the list of games.

Step 2: Participate in betting on the game New88 Election crab

On the interface of the Bau Cua game, the house offers many different bet levels, from 7k (700 VND), 17k, 40k, 70k, 170k, 400k… You just need to choose the appropriate bet level and select the bet box for mascot you like, then confirm the bet.

Step 3: Wait for the dice results to know if you won or not

After completing the bet, the dealer will roll the dice and score the game results New88 Cua’s election will be announced shortly thereafter. If your prediction matches the result of opening the dice bowl, you will win and receive the specified bonus. Once you have accumulated enough bonus funds to make a withdrawal, you can request a transfer to your personal bank account.

Share your playing experience New88 Bau Cua is very good

If you are passionate and want to become a master in the online betting world of Bau Cua Online, don’t miss the extremely top playing experiences below to participate. New88 Vote Cua and win outstanding victories!

Recall the results of the games New88 Bau Cua before that

A good memory will be very useful when participating in Bau Cua betting games. When you can remember the results from previous bets, you will understand the rules of the dice. If you recognize a good dice pattern, prioritize betting on that pattern in the next games.

In the game New88 Bau Cua, you don’t need to remember too much because you can easily see the result history from the history section of the game. This helps avoid information overload, saving time and effort when playing.

Pay attention to the dice faces next to the one that was just rolled

In the process of comparing the results of the current bet, players can quickly remember the results of the next dice. There is a high probability that the next dice will tend to be similar to the one that just appeared. This is one of the experiences from crab gourd experts that you can try to apply.

Bet on the result being the same New88 Election crab

If in the previous game, the result was Bau – Bau – Cua, there is a high possibility that in the following games there will continue to be Bau. Therefore, if there are identical dice in this game, you can prioritize betting on them in the next game. Maybe you will be lucky and guess correctly, thereby receiving a bonus from this strategy!

Implement army management strategies in the game New88 Election crab

The raising troops approach is a strategy for playing Bau Cua online that many bettors have used and succeeded. Therefore, newbies can apply this strategy below to increase their chances of winning when participating in the Bau Cua game at New88 Casino!

Choose only one pair to bet on in the game New88 Election crab

In this way of playing, during the process of betting Bau Cua online, you need to choose a single pair of mascots to focus on raising. This strategy can bring big winning results and help players control capital wastage well. However, to apply this army raising strategy when participating New88 Bau Cua, you need a large enough capital source. The decision on the bet level needs to be in accordance with existing finances to ensure maximum efficiency.

Take double the strategy when playing New88 Vote Cua to optimize win rate

The strategy of raising doubles in crab pots means that in the first 5 to 10 games, players only choose one mascot to bet on. If that mascot appears in the results of the previous game, in the next game the player will bet double the previous amount. This strategy continues to raise other troops and is still applied. However, the folding method requires players to be patient and experienced enough to apply bets effectively.

Participate in online betting on Bau Cua in large numbers

This is a tactic New88 Bau Cua that many players share. If there is a master at the table, betting on them can greatly increase your chances of winning. However, it is best for you to observe the first 10 games to clearly understand the situation before applying this strategy. The mass betting strategy is a suitable choice for people who are new to betting and do not have much experience.


Above is a summary of information about the online Bau Cua game at the house New88. If you want to join a reputable and quality online Bau Cua playground, come here New88. Hope you will become a master in the betting world, with great lessons and experiences from New88 Election crab.

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