Join OKVIP to look back at the past 2023

In the past year 2023, the corporation OKVIP has achieved countless successes, is trusted and known by many people. Let’s get on the emotional “train” to look back at the unit’s past year in the following article.

OKVIP’s successful development journey

Going through a tumultuous and turbulent year 2023, howeverpagecontactbright OKVIP still standing firm in the market and rising to the top of the most prestigious playgrounds. Let’s look back and see what new developments this brand has had in the past year:

Attracting many famous partners in the market

With its name and position in the market, OKVIP has attracted many of the world’s leading betting partners. From there, it gives players the most wonderful moments of gaming experience. Below are a few reliable partners that have cooperated with this prestigious group such as: NEW88, 789BET, JUN88, F8BET,…

Create trust with customers

Group OKVIP In 2023, many new achievements have been achieved, notably attracting millions of new players to join, making the community even stronger.

Not only that, the company always prioritizes customer experience first, therefore regularly upgrading game products as well as security systems. Guaranteed to provide the safest and fairest playing field.

Beside OKVIP still history Using a modern security system with 128BET SSL encryption technology, ensuring that your information and transaction data will be stored with absolute security. Therefore, it is gaining more and more sympathy from customers.

Expand recruitment

During the past year, OKVIP Also very active in expanding recruitment. In order to create opportunities for players who want to cooperate and work with the corporation, they invest a lot of money in recruitment. In particular, this plan was very successful and the group welcomed it much core the new.

Affirm your position in the betting market

With the successes achieved in 2023, OKVIP increasingly asserting its position in the betting market. If it maintains its current performance, in a short time, the group will rise to the number 1 position. With the following advantages, it is difficult for any company to surpass this entertainment group:

  • Beautiful interface: The interface of website has been significantly upgraded in 2023, with a much more youthful and dynamic style, in line with new trends.
  • High payout rate: The payout ratio here is also very attractive when it is much higher than other units.
  • Fast withdrawal speed: In addition to the above advantages, the unit also offers an extremely modern and fast deposit and withdrawal system, helping to handle all customer transaction requests.

 OKVIP’s volunteer activities in 2023

In addition to business benefits, the group is also very interested in social benefits and carries out charitable organizations to contribute its efforts to Vietnam’s development. Below are the activities and projects that have helped OKVIPC GROUP won many people’s hearts because of the meaning and humanity in each action:

Meals do not connect with love

On the morning of July 2, the team of OKVIP Together with the group “Spread porridge love” came to Hanoi Hematology – Blood Transfusion Hospital and brought 600 free meals to treated patients. The purpose of this meaningful program is to help patients feel some relief. difficulties both mentally and physically.

Project “Lighting up love and walking steadily to school”

On September 2, 2023, the team of the charity group OKVIP were present in large numbers at La Dor pine, La Toi commune, H’Drai district in Kon Tum province and began the meaningful journey of “lighting love and walking steadily to school”.

The unit gave 200 gifts to children going to school. Although the gifts were not of great value, they were full of love. Next was the “cooking for children” program, where the whole crew worked together to cook nutritious meals for the children.

Finally, there is the organization of entertaining folk games, bringing happy moments to the children. Not only that, the Union OKVIP also donated 22 solar lights to the commune and prepared a lot of food to send to 100 households in La Dor village.


So we have been looking back on a long journey of projects and programs OKVIP implemented in the past year 2023. Surely in the upcoming new year, the group will deploy many more meaningful programs.

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