Instructions on how to play even and odd coin toss from basic to advanced

Do you know how to specifically play even and odd coin toss? If not, don’t skip this article to understand basic to advanced playing methods. Please follow along game Nhà cái 123B and turn yourself from a beginner into a master of playing even and odd numbers, 100 games, 100 wins!

Odd even and coin toss – The game has an attraction that is hard to deny

Normally, when folk betting games are put into operation by bookmakers, they will always create a huge explosion in the online entertainment world. Before learning how to play odd even, we first need to learn some important information.

Introducing the traditional coin tossing game

First about the name, the good odd even game is also the current hot hit game Xoc Dia. According to many sources, this game originated from China. After that, it gradually spread widely in casinos around the world such asLas Vegas, Hong Kong, Macau,…

Xoc Dia first appeared using military positions made of tree bark or animal bones. Through the process of improvement and development, the game’s official kit is recorded to include 1 plate, 1 bowl and 4 coins printed with 2 sides: Heads – Heads.

After that, people changed the coins into 2-color pieces (most commonly Red – White) in the form of buttons. Xoc Dia began to be introduced to our country in the 1990s or maybe earlier. Gradually, the game became popular and appeared often during summer festivals and holidays.

Introducing the prestigious online coin tossing game

Achieving peak popularity from the folk game, Xoc Dia online was born and created a big boost in the online betting industry. Thanks to that, you can find modern childhood experiences at bookies without having to go to the casino to participate.

Accordingly, the way to play online coin toss is not too different from the traditional way. Basically, the game is still based on the rules of predicting and betting on the appearance of the coin after shaking.

Although the gameplay is quite simple and not too “brain hacking” like other card games. However, it still does not lose any of its charm or appeal. On the contrary, the excitement of waiting for the results, the diverse betting options and high payout rates make this game reach a new level.

Instructions on how to play even and odd coin toss in detail for new players

As mentioned above, although developed into an online format, the game basically retains the traditional way of playing. To understand Xoc Dia, you first need to understand the game rules. Specifically:

Basic game rules

When participating in online coin toss, you need to follow the rules below:

  • The betting table does not specify a maximum number of participants, but there will be minimum and highest bet requirements.
  • Players can only bet within the specified time, usually 15 seconds, and choose the bets listed on the table.
  • Each table will have specific instructions on how to play parity, how to bet, the payout rates of the doors, etc.
  • Gamers are allowed to choose more than 1 door and the bet amount must be greater than or equal to the minimum level of the table.
  • After the Xoc Dia game results are available, the house will pay the winner according to the prescribed rate.

Popular betting options

Understanding the betting options is also very important in learning how to play basic coin toss. When participating, you must keep in mind the following popular options:

  • Even: Predict the 4 pieces after shaking: 4 red/4 white/2 red – 2 white.
  • Odd: Predict the 4 positions after shaking: 1 red – 3 white/1 white – 3 red.
  • Over: Predict the 4 positions after shaking: 4 red/3 red 1 white.
  • Under: Predict the 4 pieces after shaking: 4 white/3 white 1 red.

Compensation rate

To master how to play coin toss, the reward rate is also something that should not be overlooked. Corresponding to the above bets, if you win, the gamer will receive the following reward:

  • Even/Odd: Bonus ratio 1:0.96.
  • Over/Under: Bonus ratio 1:0.96.
  • Door 4 red/4 white: Bonus ratio 1:14
  • Door 3 red – 1 white/3 white – 1 red: Bonus ratio 1:2.8.
  • Door 2 red – 2 white: Bonus ratio 1:1.5.
  • Door of 4 pieces of the same color (regardless of color): Bonus ratio 1:6.5

How to play Xoc Dia in detail

Normally, a game of even and odd dice will take place with the following stages:

  • Step 1: The player places a bet.
    • During the specified time, participants will consider and choose chips to place on their desired bet.
    • Once placed, the screen will display the bet amount and the player must confirm if there is no change. At that time, the selected Xoc Dia betting window will appear betting chips.
  • Step 2: After the betting time ends, the Dealer will start shaking the pieces in the bowl 5-7 times and publicize the results for comparison. The person who guesses correctly will win and receive a reward according to the specified rate and vice versa.

Revealing 3 ways to play 100 games and 100 wins

To be undefeated in this subject, you need to practice and learn special techniques from veteran experts. Below is a summary of real-life combat experiences favored by professionals that rookies can apply to their betting:

Understand the rules of the game

This is the most important thing for Xoc Dia in particular and all other betting games in general. Before participating, you need to make sure you carefully study all relevant information. Including basic rules, how to play even and odd, payout rates, betting limits,…

Thus, gamers have kept 50% of the victory. Because only when you understand the game will you be more confident when participating. At the same time, it also limits any errors during the betting investment process.

Always order by 1 door

This is an easy way to play dice tossing for beginners. Specifically, during the betting process, you only follow exactly 1 door. In particular, apply the principle of increasing your bet by 50% to quickly win big.

See : Game bài 123B

Observe the table history

According to statistical history, there will be some special coincidences in the results of games. For this way of playing dice, you need to observe and continuously monitor the table. If you encounter the following situations, gamers can try the suggested doors:

  • 4 pieces are next to each other and form a square: The next game breaks the bridge of the previous game. For example, the previous game is Even, the next game is Odd or vice versa.
  • 3 pieces in the heart of the disc and 1 piece close to the edge of the disc: Next game choose Odd and line up 3 red 1 white/3 white 1 red.
  • The 4 pieces form a triangle with 3 pieces in the same row, the remaining 1 piece separated and: Follow the previous plank.
  • The 4 pieces are separated evenly into 2 sides and 2 pieces on each side: The next game plays Even and lines 2 white and 2 red.
  • The 4 pieces are separated into 2 sides, including 1 side 3 and 1 side 1: The next game invests Odd and lines 3 red/3 white.

Thus, 123B has guided you how to play even and odd coin toss from basic to advanced. Hopefully the information in the article will be useful to help gamers easily get started with this attractive game and receive many rewards from it!

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