Instructions on athletics betting experience from experts

Athletics is a very popular sport and is loved by many people with short distances, long distances, high jumps, weightlifting, discus throwing,… And of course these genres can all be bet online atBookmaker New 88 and bring in the opportunity to “make money”. In this article, we will summarize useful experiences to help you win big in athletics betting!

How popular is athletics betting today?

Athletics betting is currently very popular, similar to sports betting. Because the athletics betting genre is always popular because in athletics, participants can place many different bets for small tournaments such as: short distance running, long running, relay running, throwing. bullets, long jumps, high jumps, etc. Therefore, the experience is also greatly increased, helping players satisfy their entertainment and passion for different types of bets for each tournament.

With the widespread popularity of the Internet today, this type of athletics betting is present at almost all online bookmakers, bringing new and attractive experiences for players. In particular, each house will have a different redemption rate, so if you want a chance to win big, you can refer to betting at New88 bookmaker!

How to bet on athletics

Methodathletics betting at New88

Instructions on how to bet on athletics

  • Step 1: players need to create an account at New88 to participate in the game experience and betting here. If you already have an account, you can choose to log in (Note: access and log in to your account on the correct official link of the house to ensure safety, security and reputation)
  • Step 2: the player selects the sports lobby → continues to select the athletics betting section
  • Step 3: choose the corresponding bet, we list the odds 3 – 5 days before the match.
  • Step 4: wait for results and receive rewards. After announcing the winner results, we will have a notice board listing the winners. Players please wait for the bonus to arrive within 24 working hours.

Besides, when being a member at New88, players are also provided with many promotional codes and participate in many other attractive betting programs so don’t miss it!
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Popular athletics bets

Popular athletics betting bets today:

  • Win bets: like bets in soccer and other sports, this type of bet will have the player placing a win bet on the team or participant with a high chance of winning.
  • Money line betting: this type is also quite popular when players bet money on competitors or bet on the competing team having the ability to win the other team in a tournament (If not the highest rankings , the winning team will be calculated according to ranking order)
  • Event winning bet: for this athletics betting bet, players will have to bet on the winner or at least runner-up for the discipline they participate in.

Athletics betting experience helps players win big

To bet on athletics professionally and have a chance to win, players need to learn a lot of knowledge, observation and analysis skills to make accurate judgments.

One of the leading factors is that players understand the game rules and strategies to help their bets have more weight. Some experiences from experts to help you win big should refer to:

  • For small-scale tournaments, players should limit participation in athletics betting. Because no match is the same, in large competitions, participants will easily analyze and judge based on more data and have a greater chance of winning. As for small-scale matches, it will be difficult for you to analyze the situation and make accurate predictions.
  • When betting on a specific object (you bet on winning the champion or runner-up), the player needs to carefully check the previous season’s competition history, the player’s demeanor, the cheering teams, and the spirit. before the match,… all these factors will help you decide who the winner will be. You should not arbitrarily choose the winner based on the factor that the participant only performed well in any one competition.
  • The safest choice and high reward rate if you are confident with your experience is to participate in athletics betting on prestigious matches such as the Olympic season, international tournaments,…

In summary, in this article we have compiled useful information about athletics betting and experiences revealed by experts. Wishing you success in applying and increasing your winning rate!

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