How to Effectively Manage Your Time During the SAT Exam?

Are you interested in taking the SAT? Although it is a crucial milestone for high school students hoping to pursue higher education, test-takers often experience stress and anxiety due to the exam’s particular time limits. Despite this, statistics indicate that each year, more than 2.2 million students from 175 nations and territories take the SAT.

But, are you curious about how implementing good time management techniques can support you in maintaining composure and calmness during this test? If so, please read our blog to learn some useful advice from professionals providing SAT coaching in Delhi that will optimize your chances of succeeding in the test.

Table of Contents:

1.    What is SAT?

2.    SAT Exam Format

3.    Ways to Manage Your Time During the SAT Exam

4.    Wrapping Up

5.    FAQs

What is SAT?

When searching for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), you will encounter a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test that is created and administered by the College Board. Furthermore, a lot of United States colleges employ this standardised exam for admittance. Going by its background, you will find its name and scoring have changed several times since its inception in 1926.

SAT Exam Format

The SAT typically takes 2 hours and 14 minutes. Furthermore as a reputable SAT tutoring provider in Delhi, Mentored concentrates on acquainting you with the format and timing of the exam. You can look at the table below for a quick overview of the SAT exam structure:

SAT Question Sections No. of Questions Total Duration (in Mins.)
1)    Reading & Writing 54 64
2)    Mathematics 44 70

Ways to Manage Your Time During the SAT Exam

We understand that your every second significantly matters during the SAT. Hence, to help you effectively manage your time, we have included the top advice below, which is also recommended by the experts providing SAT coaching in Delhi:

1) Familiarise yourself with the SAT Exam Structure

You need to acquaint yourself with the SAT format and subject matter to manage your time well. Above all, you should be aware of the sections, questions, and time allocated for each so that you can plan accordingly.

2) Create a Study Schedule

You should start effective time management in advance of the exam day so that you can cover all of the required content and practise exams. Therefore, the overseas education consultants in Delhi advise you to set up particular periods for every section, which can provide you with a clear idea of how much time you will have for each question on the test itself.

3) Take Practice Tests

Your comprehension of the SAT and ability to analyse your time-management techniques will both improve with practice exams. Therefore, you must consistently take extended practice exams in a timed environment and assess your progress. And, to help your energies concentrate on those specific regions, you should also pay attention to the sections where you often spend too much time.

4) Break it Down

You will only have a certain amount of time allotted to each section during the SAT Exam. Because of this, Mentored, a study abroad consultancy in Delhi, offers you advice on how to divide up the time given for each portion and how to set aside time for certain subsections. For example, if you have 25 minutes to complete a reading passage with 10 questions, you must aim to spend roughly 2.5 minutes on each question.

5) Read and Analyse the questions first

You must read the questions for each part before beginning to work with the corresponding excerpts or prompts. Additionally, you can pinpoint particular areas of concentration by first assessing the questions, which will save you time and keep you from becoming bogged down in the specifics.

6) Skim Through Passages

It is superfluous and time-consuming to read a passage word-by-word during the SAT Exam. However, professionals offering SAT coaching in Delhi can help you to create a method where you skim the information, and focus on the essential concepts, topic sentences, and conclusion paragraphs. Furthermore, saving time will also enable you to respond to questions faster.

7) Use Rough Papers

You can highlight key features in passages, make outlines, or scribble down crucial information on the included scratch paper. Also, it will save you time by letting you quickly track concepts and return to particular material. Moreover, taking well-organised notes can help you to comprehend difficult ideas more quickly and provide appropriate answers.

8) Employ the Process of Elimination

With MCQs, you can weed out unsuitable response options. Therefore, if you are unsure of an answer, professionals providing SAT coaching in Delhi advise you to cross off any answers that don’t make sense and concentrate on the remaining options. By doing this, you can also improve your odds of choosing the right response.

9) Don’t Dwell on Difficult Questions

Certain SAT questions can be tough or time-consuming, but if you come across a question that seems especially tough, you should move forward. Furthermore, if you spend too much time answering one question, you might not be able to answer the easier ones. Because of this, you should pay attention to the questions you can answer quickly and remember that every question has the same weight.

10) Stay Calm and Focused

Finally, the key to efficient time management during the SAT is to remain composed and concentrated throughout the test. Furthermore, avoid allowing distractions or stress to interfere with your ability to concentrate. Additionally, keeping a positive outlook will increase your chances of success and help you approach the test with clarity.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the SAT exam requires careful planning, practice, and effective time management to achieve your desired score. And, we hope that following the instructions covered in this blog and seeking guidance from the experts providing SAT coaching in Delhi will help you to effectively manage your time during the exam. You will also be able to accomplish your SAT objectives if you keep these things in mind.


1. Can I come back to answer a previous SAT section?

Regretfully, once a SAT portion is finished, there is no turning back. Thus, you should make good use of the time allotted for each part and try to answer all questions.

2. How do the experts providing SAT coaching in Delhi prepare you?

Experts providing SAT coaching in Delhi use the following techniques to ensure you ace the test:

  • Well-researched Study Material.
  • Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions.
  • Test Reviews and Feedback.

3. What is the maximum number of allowed SAT attempts?

You can appear for the SAT as many times as you want. However, only seven exam dates are usually available each year.

4. How can I manage time during the SAT essay section?

For the SAT essay section, you can allocate around 5–10 minutes for planning, 30–40 minutes for writing, and then a few more minutes for proofreading and editing.

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