Experience in avoiding the house trap

In major tournament seasons such as the World Cup or Euro Season, in addition to the main soccer betting, bookmakers always create many interesting and unique playgrounds to attract players. Therefore, bookmakers often rely on this to offer many promotions and incentives to make players feel attracted and forget. house trap easy to get. Please follow bookmaker 789BET game blog article below to learn the details of the method!

What is the house trap?

Bookie trap is understood as the bookmaker’s change in increasing or decreasing the odds that usually takes place before and after the time of the event. This action of the house will make players feel confused and want to change their decision when betting. It is difficult to grasp the odds of which side wins to bet accurately.

Besides the winning rate and increasing or decreasing odds, the side information given also makes many players confused, worried and prone to making subjective judgments. Therefore, players need to be decisive and alert when accepting bets to avoid situations house trap given to trap the player. To reduce concentration and confusion for players.

Basic bookie traps in soccer betting

Below are some bookmaker traps that you often fall into. Please refer to them to learn more experience for yourself before making a decision to participate in soccer betting games, specifically:

House handicap

One of the extremely dangerous house traps is using handicaps. For those who are new to playing football or sports betting, it will be very difficult to recognize. Therefore, when deciding to play, you should monitor regularly and give detailed results of previous seasons at a ratio of 2 to 1.

The bookmaker countered the odds

For football matches, it takes half the time to play. Then that match is considered a counter bet. If the house realizes that there are many people betting and the exact results are quite high. Then maybe they will rearrange the winning odds like Asia, Europe or both continents. When these situations occur, players can get back the money they bet. This is a necessary thing that requires players to pay close attention before placing bets.

Offer an example bet

There are many traps that bookmakers trap players by offering bets with higher odds than teams with low winning odds. You need to be careful not to rush to bet because everyone thinks it will be easy to win. At this time, you need to be very focused and alert with these types of bets. There are many unexpected factors that affect the outcome of the match such as coach, team or player, etc. Therefore, if this happens, you need to carefully review the information.

Small fluctuation of low rate

One of the tricks that bookmakers often use to deceive players is to introduce rapid fluctuations in handicap rates. The time before the match will be very important because the bets and odds are likely to happen right at that time. If you decide to play first, your score may decrease by 1/4 or increase rapidly by the end of the hour, so you have to be very careful.

This is a sign to recognize the house trap. If you are not knowledgeable and lack knowledge, risks are inevitable. For those who are experienced and knowledgeable in many matches, it will be easier to grasp the trend of prizes increasing or decreasing or the match handicap ratio.

You can observe and make decisions to analyze the movements of the dealer’s trap, which means you have half the chance of winning in your hand. When participating in betting, you need to pay attention to the time of the match. The time the matches take place will affect your betting amount.

Let players win easily

When participating in playing online sports games at the house, winning is the goal that everyone wants to aim for. If you are experiencing it for the first time but winning easily, you need to be cautious. This is a trap for the house to gain players’ trust when they want to achieve their goals.

Because when a person wins for the first time, they will want to continue to win again. Therefore, if you lose, you will definitely play to win back. At this point, you will feel like you are getting carried away and it will be difficult to stop. In the end, the result you get is the house’s profit and we return to 0.

Set up a new house

This is considered by many brothers to be the most basic house trap that every brother must encounter. This house will often create a new house that is completely different in terms of address information, license, domain name, foreign name,…

These bookmaker traps will approach players with promotions and vouchers, but they only work for a short time and will automatically disappear. At this point, if the player wants to withdraw money, they will not be able to. When you realize it, you can’t contact support, there’s no way to resolve it, and even worse, they completely lock the website.

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Experience in avoiding the house trap

Below we share some experiences to help you avoid falling into the house trap, compiled from many experts with many years of betting experience. Please refer and learn to apply your own strategies when participating in matches.

Study the match information carefully

Researching the odds to avoid the house trap is indispensable. Pay special attention to the odds of Europe and Asia. In these matches, bets such as handicap or over/under bets will be played most often. When playing, you need to find out information, observe and take notes carefully to see changes in the rate of increase or decrease in payouts, as well as the over/under rate and handicap bets.

This method will help you know whether the match’s score is proportional to the strength of the two teams or not. If the odds are not adequate, you need to find out more information and be wary of the bookmaker’s trap websites. Consider where the percentage of players betting the most money is and then decide to bet.

Time to bet

If you notice that the increase or decrease is quite different, you need to set a reasonable time to bet. You can consider the situation to bet early or when the match takes place. Or if you play under and under, you should bet early and vice versa, you will play when the match takes place.

Normally, you need to watch the match live and are not allowed to bet during the match and at the end of the match. After following these analyzes, you can refer to them to avoid the traps set by the house before the match.


Above are the shares on how to avoid the house traps left by many experienced brothers. When deciding to participate in this game, you must be really alert and careful. Hopefully the information from bookmaker 789bet has been very useful for you, so you can learn and apply the strategies.

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