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ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon: Redefining Hi-Fi Speakers with Cutting-Edge Technology

ESD Acoustic‘s Super Dragon stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the world of hi-fi speakers. Lauded by Stereophile Magazine for its “Biggest, Relaxed, Natural” sound, this flagship system epitomizes cutting-edge technology. With Truextent® beryllium and patented titanium diaphragms, the Super Dragon challenges conventional speaker distortion, delivering a full-range loudspeaker experience that redefines the boundaries of audio excellence.

Truextent® Beryllium and Patented Titanium Diaphragms

The Super Dragon system from ESD Acoustic incorporates Truextent® beryllium diaphragms in the middle, tweeter, and super tweeter units. This advanced material offers higher resolution and lower distortion, allowing for incredibly accurate sound reproduction. Moreover, the patented titanium sandwich diaphragms in the bass, sub-bass, and subwoofer units provide a lightweight yet sturdy construction, ensuring optimal performance across the frequency spectrum. The combination of these cutting-edge diaphragms takes the listening experience to new heights, delivering unparalleled clarity and precision.

Unparalleled Sound Reproduction and Natural Acoustics

Stereophile Magazine’s praise for the Super Dragon system is well-deserved. The system’s all field coil units, paired with carbon fiber big horns, contribute to the speaker’s exceptional sound quality. The Super Dragon produces the “biggest, most relaxed, most natural, uncolored sound,” providing an immersive audio experience that brings music to life. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tracks or watching a movie, the Super Dragon system ensures that every detail is reproduced faithfully, allowing you to experience music and sound in its purest form.

AI Negative Feedback Technology for Enhanced Performance

ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon is not only about impressive sound quality but also about cutting-edge technology. The field coil power supplies equipped with AI negative feedback technology play a crucial role in canceling out dynamic suppression caused by eddy currents. This advanced technology ensures that the speaker system operates optimally, minimizing distortion and maximizing performance. The result is an immersive and engaging listening experience that captivates audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.


In conclusion, ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon redefines the landscape of hi-fi speakers with its cutting-edge technology and exceptional sound reproduction. With Truextent® beryllium and patented titanium diaphragms, this system offers a full-range loudspeaker experience that transcends conventional limitations. The combination of advanced materials, carbon fiber big horns, and AI negative feedback technology results in a speaker system that delivers the “biggest, most relaxed, and most natural” sound, as recognized by Stereophile Magazine. Elevate your audio experience with the Super Dragon and immerse yourself in the world of hi-fi speakers, where innovation and excellence meet to create an unforgettable sonic journey.

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