Become a Daga88 Agent – ​​Receive Commissions Up to 40%

Being an agent for online bookmakers is a simple and quick job that many people choose. Among them, becoming a Daga 88 agent with many attractive benefits is attracting a large number of gamers.

Overview of information about Daga88 agent

Daga88 is a bookmaker specializing in providing the most attractive betting services and games in Asia. Currently, this brand is expanding its operations by recruiting agents everywhere. When you become an agent, you will receive many benefits as well as the opportunity to get rich quickly.

About the policy

Daga88 agents are intermediaries between customers and bookmakers. They are responsible for introducing and advertising the house to bettors who do not know Daga 88. Each agent who successfully introduces a new player who successfully registers for an account will receive a reward.rose very attractive.

If the players introduced by the agent participate in more games, the revenue will be greater. This is an attractive money-making opportunity for favorite gamers

daga 88 without wanting to invest capital.

Rights and obligations of a Daga88 agent

As an agent of Daga88, you need to comply with the following rights and obligations:

Protect account information on the system: Just like players, agents need to secure all account information accessed on the house system. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure the accuracy of the account information provided.

Do not use the name of the house to negotiate: Agents are only partners of the house, so they will not use the name of the house to negotiate with customers. If the house discovers this case, they will have to compensate according to the signed contract.

Building a healthy house image: This is a mandatory obligation when working as an agent of Daga88. Because Daga 88 already has a name and position in the Asian bookmaker market. So keeping trust is extremely important. Therefore, agents must build the image of the house with healthy, fair and civilized activities.

Benefits when participating

When you become an agent, you will not have to pay any fees when registering. Not only that, the house will not limit your income, you can make money anytime, anywhere.

Currently, the house has divided agent levels to ensure the best benefits. When you introduce many sub-agents, you will receive a percentage of commission from your sub-agents.

The commission rate for agents is currently at the top of the market, with commission rates up to 40%. The amount of money earned each month from this job will be up to 100 million VND. Besides, you also regularly receive extremely attractive promotions and gifts.

Agents have the right to use all information, images, advertising banners, etc. of the house to attract customers.

The house’s customer service staff is very strong, professional, and dedicated. This helps you quickly answer any problems during work.

How to register to become an agent

When you become a Đại lý Daga88, you will have the opportunity to make big bets. Please refer to the steps to register to become an agent of this house.

Step 1: Visit the official website. Then click on Agents on the menu bar.

Step 2: Proceed to provide information as requested by the dealer.

A form will appear on the screen, please fill in all agent registration information. The information you need to provide is as follows:

  • Username: Is the name for you to log into your agent account.
  • Agent name: Enter your real name that matches the name in your ID card and bank.
  • Password: Is the password to log in and secure your account.
  • Confirm password: Enter the correct password above.
  • Email: Enter your email address for the dealer to send information.
  • Phone number: Please enter your phone number.

All of this information will be kept safe and secure by the house, so you do not need to worry about information being leaked to the outside world.

Step 3: Confirm information

After you have filled in all the required information, please check it again to ensure accuracy. Then click on confirm the dealer’s terms.


Above is information about Daga88 agent that you can refer to. If you feel interested in this job, quickly register to earn the biggest profit.

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