What is Fantan?

jun88 With origins from China, I know Initially just a version with simple playing tools. Includes a stick, a cup and white buttons. After being introduced to many other countries, a new online casino version was born. Compared to the traditional way of playing, with online play, you only need a smart electronic device to easily win.

The simplest rules of playing Fantan

In fact, the rules of the game I know Jun88 It’s not as complicated as many people think, it’s as simple as this:

First, a square will be designed in the middle of the betting table. To distinguish each playing side easily, each side will be classified into numbers 1,2,3 and 4. The dealer will take a random number of buttons using a cover from the Copper and separate them. Predicting the number of buttons and choosing a betting method will be the player’s task.

Next, the Dealer will flip the Copper lid and then use the stick to remove it once. The purpose of this action is to remove one turn so that the number of buttons remaining does not exceed 4. Finally, the result will be the number of buttons remaining and the winner is the person who placed the result on number 4. Just like that. , the next games will be played according to the same rules, not too difficult, right!

Revealing the 5 most popular bet types in Fantan

In I know There are many types of bets, however, currently, there are 5 most commonly used bet types: Odd/Even bets, Fan bets and Kwok bets, specifically as follows:

Odd/even bets

Odd/even bets are the first type of bet in I know you should know. Here, after the Dealer splits whether the number is even or odd, you will bet on the results of the remaining seeds. For example, you will win when the remaining number of seeds is 4 and your bet is even, and fail when the remaining number of seeds is 1.3.

Fan Betting

Fan betting is also one of the typical betting types I know. Simply put, a single bet is a Fan bet – a form of betting on only one number. That means, you need to bet the remaining seeds according to the numbers 4 Fan, 3 Fan, 2 Fan, 1 Fan, etc. For example, you will win when the remaining number of seeds is 3 but you bet on 3 Fan, and lose. bet when the number of remaining seeds is 1, 2 or 4.

Kwok Bet

The main corner bet with any 2 numbers is the way to play the Kwok bet. You can choose to bet on 1 of 4 bets: 1.2.Kwok, 3.4.Kwok, 2.3.Kwok or 4.1.Kwok. You will only win when the remaining number of seeds is 1 of the 2 numbers you bet on. For example, if the remaining number of seeds is 1 or 2 and you bet 1.2.Kwok, you are the winner of this game.

Bet Nim

With Nim betting, you will be able to limit risks quite well throughout the process of participating in the game. The number in front of Nim is the winning number, and the number behind Nim will be a draw. At the same time, players also receive a bonus at the rate of 1/1.19 if they win. If the number after Nim is a draw, of course you won’t lose anything.
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Betting RUSSIA

The way the NGA bet works is to choose 2 main numbers and 1 tie number. The bonus rate of 1/0.475 is what you can achieve when you win this game.

Some notes when playing Fantan at Jun88 casino

If you want to become a player I know At the best, just knowing the rules of the game and betting types is not enough. You also need to follow some notes to play this game below to have the highest chance of winning.

Don’t bet too fast or too hastily

When you bet hastily, you will easily get confused and lose. So, have a specific strategy and game plan. For example, choose easy bets (like even/odd) when you first play and choose more difficult bets (like Fan, Kwok) to get big rewards.

Note: First-time participants should not choose a difficult door or bet all. Because with an unstable mentality, the possibility of losing money, losing bets and losing everything is very high.

Know when to stop at the right time

The element of luck makes a significant contribution to bringing victory to players I know. However, many people, when they are on a winning streak, become greedy and think that luck is coming.

When you lose your sanity, your psychology will be easily influenced and you will make incorrect decisions. Therefore, knowing how to control yourself and stop at the right time is also one of the extremely necessary things to note when playing games.

Don’t put too much emphasis on winning and losing

Paying attention to winning and losing is one of the mistakes that players make I know often encountered. When you put too much emphasis on winning, you will be mentally pressured. When you cannot keep a calm mind, the possibility of losing a bet is very high because you cannot make the correct decision. Therefore, you need to bring a comfortable mentality when playing. If you lose this game, be more careful in the next game to bet most accurately.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to play Fantan

To play with peace of mind and receive attractive rewards, choosing a reputable bookmaker to participate is extremely important. If you don’t consider carefully before playing I know, you will easily encounter fraudulent, unreliable, and unrewarded units.

Especially, when participating in play I know Online, deciding and finding out which is the most reputable bookmaker is even more necessary. You can refer to the address of Jun88 bookmaker with high security, modern interface and licensed to operate legally!

Effectively manage financial resources when playing games

Another experience that you cannot ignore to play the game effectively is to manage your financial resources properly. Each family’s economic conditions are different, so is the amount of money each person can spend to participate in entertainment games. Don’t follow them because you see others spending more money than you.

If you bet too much, even beyond your available financial resources. You may need to borrow more from many other sources, leading to nothing and even being unable to repay the debt. Accordingly, you both lose money, lose your stable playing mentality, and create a burden for your family. This is something that no one wants, so effectively manage your financial resources when playing Casino Online to avoid unfortunate situations from occurring.

As can be seen, the rules of the game I know not at all complicated. However, if you want to win the most when participating in this game, you need to follow the notes that the article has revealed. At the same time, choosing the most reputable bookmaker to participate in online betting is also extremely important. Trust Jun88 to participate in your favorite online betting games!

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