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Unleashing the Power of 550w Solar Panels

Sunway Scholar presents the Sunway 144 Cells 182mm 545w 550w Brazil Inmetro Half Cell Solar Panel. This cutting-edge solar panel, certified by Brazil’s Inmetro, offers exceptional power output and efficiency. With features like anti-reflective glass from XINYI, SG CNBM, and high-efficiency cells by Tier 1 brands, Sunway Scholar continues to deliver top-quality solar solutions.

Unmatched Power Generation and Performance

The Sunway 144 Cells 182mm 545w 550w Brazil Inmetro Half Cell Solar Panel is designed to deliver unmatched power generation and performance. With its high wattage of 545w to 550w, this solar panel maximizes electricity production, making it an ideal choice for commercial and utility-scale solar installations. The advanced half-cell technology incorporated into the panel ensures higher efficiency, even in low-light conditions, resulting in optimal energy harvest.

Premium Components for Enhanced Durability and Efficiency

Sunway Scholar’s 550w solar panel is equipped with premium components that enhance its durability and efficiency. The anti-reflective glass from XINYI and SG CNBM minimizes light reflection, allowing for more excellent light absorption and power generation. The 144 cells with a size of 182mm offer higher efficiency, enabling superior conversion of sunlight into electricity. These features, combined with the use of Tier 1 brand cells, ensure long-term performance and reliability.


Sunway Scholar’s Sunway 144 Cells 182mm 545w 550w Brazil Inmetro Half Cell Solar Panel exemplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering high-efficiency and reliable solar solutions. With its exceptional power output, advanced half-cell technology, and premium components such as anti-reflective glass and Tier 1 brand cells, this solar panel sets a new standard for energy generation.

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