Sexy Baccarat New888 – Impressive Betting Game for Every Player

Sexy Baccarat has long become a betting game that has received the attention of many bettors. The game is built with the emphasis on beautiful, hot dealers. Explore games New888 With this “unique”, bettors will have a more satisfying and exciting game in every betting game. This article will help all game lovers easily participate in a complete prize hunt.

What is Sexy Baccarat?

The Baccarat card game is extremely popular at online betting playgrounds. If it is a genuine god of cards, this will definitely be a game you should not miss. Baccarat is always hot as a game-breaking title at domestic and international casinos.

This is a special, new variation of the Baccarat card game. The important highlight when mentioning the game is the super impressive graphics and beautiful, attractive dealers. Every game Sexy Baccarat will help you get closer to a true paradise of entertainment and enrichment.

So what’s interesting about this game version? Is it difficult to play if you want to play and what is the secret to having fun and making the most real money? All of your concerns will be fully answered by New888 in the next information.

Installing the Baccarat card game is super simple

If you want to play Baccarat more quickly and conveniently, gamers can download it to their device. Currently, the game has enough versions for iOS and Android platforms so you can comfortably enjoy it. Depending on which operating system the device uses, gamers can perform the following specific installation operations:

  • Step 1: Visit the official homepage of New888 playground.
  • Step 2: Register an account and log in to the game. You can verify information to play Sexy Baccarat ensure better quality.
  • Step 3: Deposit money and quickly go to the game lobby to choose the super attractive Baccarat card game. Carry out the necessary betting steps prescribed in advance by the playground.

If you’re lucky, you can “catch” a lot of winnings after the games. Don’t forget to follow the steps to download the New888 app to make the game smoother, more stable and easier to save your login information!

Instructions on how to play a full game of Sexy Baccarat

What detailed betting operations will the Baccarat game go through? If you are a new player, it will be very difficult for you to start this fun. The full participation steps below help gamers no longer feel confused when entering the game.

Register and log in to your New888 game account

The step of registering for membership at the prestigious New888 playground is an important and necessary step. You just need to access the game portal, then follow the steps to register with the playground as instructed. After logging in, players need to deposit money to receive incentives and ensure abundant startup capital.

Bet Sexy Baccarat

After completing the basic procedures, players can immediately go to the game lobby to choose Baccarat and start hunting for prizes. Here, there are many different betting levels, you can consider ranging from 10 – 500. Please choose based on your current financial ability and accumulated experience in playing cards.

Each player has 20 seconds to decide the bet level they want to participate in. After that, continue to choose the bet, the betting door and firmly confirm your decision. The betting options for the Baccarat card game are quite diverse, including: Queen/ King/ Double/ Double/ Double/ Phoenix/ Double Huyen Vu/ Big/ Small,…

In these bets, there will be pre-determined payout rates. As long as you win, you will immediately receive money from the system immediately.

Start an exciting game of Baccarat

The betting system will close automatically after 20 seconds. Dealer continues to perform the task of flipping cards. To determine the win or loss in the game, the first 2 cards will be dealt, followed by the 3rd card (if within the rules, additional draw is allowed). The game will comply with the rules to clearly distinguish wins and losses and pay prizes to participants.
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Rules for drawing additional cards

New888 portal has clear regulations on the rules for drawing a third card for bets Sexy Baccarat, in there:

Family (Player)

From the total score of the 2 cards dealt, the system will allow the house to be or not be allowed to draw more.

Score Third card
0 – 5 Withdraw more
6 – 7 Stop drawing cards
8 – 9 Wait for scoring
9 Natural win, rare draw



Based on the total score of the 2 cards dealt and the player’s score to decide whether to draw more or not.

Score Third card
0 – 2 Withdraw more
3 Additional draws are allowed if the score of the third card of your house is 8 points.
4 You have the right to draw more if the 3rd card from your side is 0, 1 or 8, 9.
5 You can only draw more if your third card is 0, 1 or 2, 3 or 8, 9.
6 You can only draw more if your family owns the 3rd card which is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4, 5, 6 or 8, 9.
7 No further withdrawals are allowed
8 – 9 Compare scores with your family

The final total score of the two houses will be determined based on 2 or 3 cards of each side. Whichever side is closer to 9 points will win. If the scores are equal on both sides, the result is a draw and the bet will be returned.

Above are a few interesting things about the game Sexy Baccarat hot and super attractive. If you want to experience the game with beautiful, skilled game managers? So quickly register as a New888 member to enjoy the exciting game!

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