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New88 famous as a card game portal, providing diverse forms of betting like a real-life casino with a miniature version. Along with many resources and strong financial capabilities, it brings a new wave to the market and is a reputable gaming community today. Together 789Bet Find out now!

Overview of the game portal New88

Launched in the Vietnamese market in 2019, so far New88 has created many successes that have impressed many players. If everyone is still nostalgic about the betting tables from big casinos New88 will help you recreate every scene.

New88 is the brainchild of Victory 8 casino group, with extensive experience, the product launch to players of course cannot be ignored. Image that New88 Building it up to now has impressed many people.

The economic potential of an entire corporation and game products at New88 always among the top selected game categories. The location of the game portal is now different from the first days of launch.

The game has familiar gameplay, with additional investment in technology, beautiful graphics and attractive rewards. Along with many other incentive programs, players will have a completely new perspective New88.

No matter what type of player participates, they can quickly find the product that best suits them. In New88 Not only is the entertainment need satisfied, but the game portal also provides many services, ensuring convenience and safety for everyone when participating in the game.

Detailed review about New88

Let’s take a look at the detailed reviews about the advantages and highlights of the game portal that many previous players have left. Everyone is still worried about rumors or information of unknown origin New88 You can also follow the reviews below to clarify the case.

Eye-catching interface

The game portal is designed with an extremely outstanding interface and full features to ensure convenience when operating. The interface of the game portal is attractive thanks to its high-quality colors and warm tones, not causing distractions for players.

For new players visiting for the first time, they will be surprised by the luxurious entertainment space, but not too cumbersome like many other game portals. On the contrary, the entertainment category is extremely diverse, purposefully arranged to ensure ease of search.

The graphics are well-invested, 3D sharp and show clear vividness. This helps even more New88 attract more players to participate. The sound system is excellent, giving players the feeling of being in a real casino, even if they are only playing through computer and phone screens.

Stable access speed

The game portal is built with professional investment, ensuring the home page loads at a stable speed, does not lag and does not affect the player’s game experience. People can log in and play on any device without worrying about lag.

When playing, you need to ensure a stable internet connection for clearer images. And the interface loads synchronously on all devices, with no difference in image or sound transmission.

Casino game portal New88 legal and safe

New88 is a game product built by a famous corporation in the Hong Kong betting market. A safe and legal playground, protected by the government so people don’t need to worry about anything.

Players’ feedback on game products, service attitude and customer care are completely good. Therefore, even if people receive bad information about the game portal, they can rest assured.

All activities of spending money to play games, paying for any transactions with the game portal are guaranteed to be legal transactions. Game products are provided directly, so absolutely say no to cheating situations. If detected, the player will be fined and leave the playing field.

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Attractive reward exchange rate

In order to bring players many attractive opportunities, New88 Share with everyone the attractive 1:1 reward ratio. Everyone can participate in direct trading without incurring any costs.

The game portal also makes a commitment to all players that there will not be any discounts on the prizes that players receive. So when you win a reward from dealer then everyone will enjoy the original value without having to worry about anything.

Fast transaction

With attractive reward rates, of course there will be no need to worry about making cumbersome transactions at the game portal. Everyone who successfully registers a betting account can make transactions directly at the game portal.

Support for players to transact and pay in diverse forms. Each transaction has simple operations that do not take much time. Money is deposited into the account quickly and easily, the information processing system is extremely accurate.

Information security and safety for guests

Regarding fraudulent information on the market, people do not need to worry. As a reputable gaming unit, safe and legal casino betting, then New88 Guaranteed to help players fulfill their entertainment needs.

The privacy policy is clearly stated, committed to keeping customer information confidential and not profiteering. At the same time, it does not cause any problems affecting customers. People can slowly experience and learn more about New88.

Customers’ transactions and betting and gaming activities are recorded for comparison information. This information is absolutely confidential and will not be disclosed. If there is a violation, it will be resolved satisfactorily.

Dedicated customer care

Customer care department New88 Extremely dedicated, well-trained staff and ready to solve any difficulties that customers encounter while playing games here.

Useful playground, 24/7 consulting and answering service staff, so we can always bring useful information to customers. To receive advice, people can contact through many different methods, they can choose whichever method is most convenient for them such as via hotline, live chat, email…

Attractive promotions New88

Since it is a prestigious and attractive playground for players, it is impossible not to have promotions to participate in. Although the program is not diverse, it ensures that all players’ rights are fully available.

New players receive bonuses when successfully registering an account. This is a small investment that the game portal shares with players. Everyone can try out any game they like and then trade with it New88 to play more.

Promotional program that distributes giftcodes daily to members who interact well. This maintains the interaction between the game portal and the house, bringing more convenience when playing the game.

In addition, the game portal occasionally organizes many different incentive programs, with extremely huge reward values ​​and applies to almost all entertainment games at New88. Everyone, please follow along so you don’t miss your opportunity.

Instructions for registering an account New88

The steps to register an account are extremely simple. If you successfully register for a free account, you can also receive newbie incentives to test casino betting games at New88.

The specific steps are as follows

  • Step 1: Visit the game homepage, immediately select the account registration section
  • Step 2: Fill in all necessary information in the blank boxes
  • Step 3: Check registration information and click confirm

Must commit that the player is over 18 years old and has not committed any behavior that is detrimental to the game portal. The system will quickly process information and approve it for everyone to proceed to log in and play the game.


With the information shared above about the reputation of New88 As well as entertaining games, everyone should not miss their opportunity. Don’t forget to follow us for more relevant entertainment information.

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