Learn what is Poker in football? How to bet when playing poker

Soccer poker is a term used to name a form of scoring in a match. When betting on the results of football matches, if poker appears, players can win huge rewards. In this article, let’s find out with 789 BET what football poker is and how to bet when encountering poker.

What is poker in football?

What is poker in football? This is a term used to refer to a situation where a team scores 5 consecutive goals. This term first appeared in the 1949-50 Serie A season, when Juventus striker Silvio Piola scored 5 goals against Torino. The way to calculate points when playing poker in football is also very simple: the team that scores 5 goals will be added 5 points to the rankings.

You worryCommon bets in soccer poker

If you already know what football poker is, betting to win will be much simpler. BYou can place a bet by selecting a bet from the list of available bets. Each type of bet in football will have different payout rates. You can bet on one or more types of bets at the same time. The higher your bet, the more money you stand to win if you win.

Bet on first/last scorer

The first/last goalscorer bet is one of the most popular bets in soccer poker. This type of bet brings excitement and attraction to players, while also providing a high chance of winning.

The payout rate of this type of bet is very high, up to 10 times the bet amount. In addition, this type of bet has a surprising and dramatic nature, which can make players nervously watch the match until the last minute.

To bet on this type of bet, players only need to choose a player from the list of players with a high scoring ability. If that player scores first or last, the player wins the bet.

Betting on the first/last scorer is a very interesting and attractive bet, giving players many chances to win. If you are a football lover, do not ignore this type of bet.

Bet on the number of penalty cards in the match

In the world of football, not only the players on the field participate in the match but also the referees. They are the ones who will monitor, judge and make appropriate decisions to ensure fairness and legality in the match. And of course, accompanying those decisions is the penalty card system.

In soccer poker, we can bet on the total number of penalty cards that appear during the match. Each match has 2 halves, each half is 45 minutes (including overtime), meaning a match will last 90 minutes (including overtime). Depending on each bookmaker, there will be different odds corresponding to the number of penalty cards drawn in that match.

Bet on which team will get the first corner kick

OddsBetting on which team gets the first corner kick is an attractive and popular bet. This type of bet requires players to have a certain understanding of football teams and their playing style.

To bet on this bet, players need to choose a team that they think will receive the first corner kick in the match. If the team the player selects actually takes the first corner kick, then the player wins the bet. On the contrary, if the team the player chooses does not receive the first corner kick, the player will lose the bet.

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Bet on the number of penalties in the match

Penalty situations are always the focus of attracting the attention of football fans. A goal scored from the penalty spot can change the entire outcome of the match. In this type of bet, you will have to predict how many penalties will be taken in the match. If you like drama and want to challenge yourself, this is the type of bet you should not miss.

What is the payout rate when playing Poker in football?

The payout rate for each type of bet will vary depending on the risk level of that bet. Specifically, the more unlikely a bet is, the higher the payout rate will be.

  • Bet on first/last goalscorer: This is the type of bet with the highest payout rate in soccer poker, which can be up to 10 times the bet amount.
  • Bet on the number of penalty cards in the match: This type of bet has a lower payout rate, but is still quite attractive, usually about 2-3 times the bet amount.
  • Bet on which team will take the first corner kick: The payout rate for this type of bet is usually 1.5-2 times the bet amount.
  • Betting on the number of penalties in the match: This is the type of bet with the lowest payout rate in football poker, usually only about 1.2-1.5 times the bet amount.

Learning what Poker is in football helps you better understand the different forms of betting in football. With a variety of bet types and ways of playing, Poker in football creates a vibrant and dramatic playground. Hopefully you have had an overview of the game Poker in football, thereby effectively applying it to the playing process and winning.

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