How to predict extra time in detail for new players

Extra time bets have an interesting way to play and are easy to win, so they are popular with many football lovers. This type of bet is usually played when the two teams cannot determine the winner or loser after 90 minutes. The characteristic of this bet is the extremely high level of tension because the two teams have raised their fighting spirit, both sides want to win. In the article below, MB66 will reveal How to predict extra time Super simple, easy to get to shore for you.

Rules for playing extra time betting

Before starting to participate in secondary betting, you must clearly understand all the rules of the game to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Players can choose whether extra time will occur, the final result or the number of goals scored in extra time…

Players can bet on extra time before the match, during 90 minutes of the main match or immediately after extra time begins. Depending on the bet, the probability of occurrence, the house’s payout rate MB66 there will be differences.

In addition, based on the extra time rules, there are also bets on whether the home or away team will win, which player will score a specific goal in extra time, and which team will score the most goals.

The most popular way to predict extra time

The most accurate and easy-to-win way to predict extra time must consider many different factors such as the team’s physical strength and ability, and then make a decision:

  • Physical strength of players on both sides: Players on both teams have gradually weakened after the two main halves, having difficulty competing for the ball and scoring goals. Choosing the under bet will make it easier to win.
  • Competitive spirit: If you notice that the two teams are determined to score goals and compete to steal the ball, choose the more dynamic team bet.
  • Competition strategy: You evaluate the specific playing style of each team. If you aim for tight defense and do not steal the ball vigorously, it will be difficult to score. Players bet on the under if they see a conservative playing strategy.
  • Difference between 2 teams: Consider that if 2 teams have different levels, the strong team will have a high probability of winning. Priority should be given to handicap betting to win big.
  • Consider performance: How to predict extra time based on the recent performance of 2 teams will have a higher probability of winning, you should choose a handicap for the team with elite performance.

Some extra time bets MB66 easy to play 

Extra time betting methods include many different types of bets for you to choose from. Players comprehensively monitor the match, evaluate the situation to place money on the most suitable bet:

Extra time total goals

In this extra time bet, you will bet on the total number of goals the two teams predict will score in extra time. In case the number of goals is greater than the bookmaker’s odds table, choose Over. On the contrary, if the total goals are smaller than the number announced by the house, choose the under bet to win the bet.
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Bet on the player to score

Bettors predict and bet on which player will score a goal in the thrilling moments of extra time. Players can choose to bet on the home team, the away team, or choose whether any player from both teams will score a goal.

Handicap in extra time

In a handicap, the player will predict which team will win in the side goal. The team with a stronger advantage will handicap the weak team by 1, 2 or 3 goals depending on the odds. The house will rely on how the match goes and the specific physical conditions of the two teams to choose the appropriate handicap.

Experience in playing extra time betting is easy to win

The way to bet on extra time is simple, easy to win, and many people participate, so the competition is very fierce, players must pocket some of the following experiences:

  • Determine the correct overtime strategy, analyze and evaluate the team and player performance to place appropriate bets. You can choose a strong attacking team, control the match and bet on over.
  • Managing the betting budget is extremely important when participating in extra time betting, players must determine a fixed level and not exceed the limit. In case the match turns out differently than expected, you don’t have to worry about losing everything if you lose the bet.
  • Monitor changes in the match, adjust or choose different playing strategies according to real situations. Players can view predictions from reputable sources and expert statistics to choose reasonable bets.
  • Patience and calmness are important factors for success in extra time betting. If you lose many games in a row, don’t be discouraged, start with a small bet to gain experience and increase your chances of winning.

With information about How to predict extra time get Bookie MB66 Sharing above, you can easily predict, choose the appropriate bet and win. Don’t forget to join MB66, constantly updating interesting bets, having entertaining moments and exciting experiences.

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