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How to play Mau Binh is probably a very hot topic on online card game forums today. When participating in the experience, you will enjoy an exciting feeling with an outstanding interface and extremely attractive incentive policies. We invite you to join New88 in exploring the detailed updated content below to improve your chances of winning.

Introduction to the game Mau Binh

Mau Binh, also known as the Gray Binh Xap, originated in China. The name of this game in Chinese is Thirteen, corresponding to the number of cards that participants receive in each game. Similar to other card games, Binh Xap Xam also uses a deck of 52 cards and has 2 – 4 members/table.


With How to play Mau Binh  Simple but no less interesting, it has increasingly attracted a large number of bettors to join the game. Not only will you have unlimited entertainment, but you will also have the opportunity to earn handsome profits. In particular, when participating at bookmaker NEW88, members will be provided with many green bonus rates that few online playgrounds can match.

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Why should you bet on Mau Binh at NEW88?

Before going, read the handbook How to play Mau Binh, you need to know for sure the advantages that the house has NEW88 is owned to ensure safety when betting. Let’s explore together!

  • NEW88’s interface and homepage graphics are designed to be both beautiful and easy to operate.
  • Sharp and vivid sound and images help players have real-life experiences.
  • How to play Mau Binh Simple with easy-to-understand rules, suitable for everyone, even beginners.
  • Nine green payout ratio, committed to fully paying customers when winning.
  • Always pay attention to customers by launching a series of attractive promotions and vouchers every day.
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  • Fast deposit and withdrawal methods and links with many large banks bring convenience to bettors. In particular, the transaction takes place very quickly, in less than 1 minute it is successful.


 How to play Mau Binh  to ensure victory

In fact, the rules of this card game are quite easy to understand. However, just knowing the rules of the game is not enough, you need to accumulate more knowledge for yourself How to play Mau Binh as well as effective betting experience. Here are a few top tricks that you should memorize.

3-blade military hall

Once you master the 3-knife technique, even if you bet with bad cards, you can still win easily. With How to play Mau Binh Here, you will arrange the cards so that the straight is in the first hand and the pairs are placed in the second hand.

At that time, your opponent will not be able to predict the value of your cards, helping you firmly grasp the opportunity to win. To successfully implement this method, players must remain calm and confident, limit the situation of catching cards and blocking prepared moves.

Arrange the poker box

Dismissal is one of them How to play Mau Binh Recommended by many experts because of its effectiveness. Magic box stacking is applied in cases where the player owns a box and a pair of high value. You need to place boxes one at a time in the first hand to win the whole village and double in the last hand to win a few houses with weak cards.

However, the final result depends on each person’s skills and actual developments. Therefore, don’t judge but focus on observing so you don’t have to make mistakes and lose miserably.

Double card game

When you are lucky enough to receive 3 to 4 pairs in the deck, take advantage of the opportunity and combine it with other strategies to quickly win prizes. You should arrange animals in the first branch to win money for the whole village, then spread them evenly in the two following branches. You must remember the rule that the pair with the greatest value is ranked last.

Professional players often put all the strength of the deck into the last hand to easily turn the tables and become the winner. Poker betting is one How to play Mau Binh It is highly defensive, so it requires you to master how to arrange cards correctly. In addition, if you make a mistake, this strategy also helps minimize the possibility of failure.

Through the article shared about How to play Mau Binh details as well as some important information, hopefully will help bettors gain more knowledge as well as hone more effective betting methods. Don’t forget to visit the NEW88 homepage for the opportunity to experience this exciting and ripe game.

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