How to Catch the White Hand Lottery – Experience in Playing the Standard White Handed Lottery

Learn aboutHow to catch Bach Thu lottery This is an important process for those entering the lottery world for the first time. However, winning the lottery requires players to have many good strategies from experts. Therefore, in this article, please follow the NEW88 lottery section to know how to win appropriately.

What is Bach Thu Lo?

How to catch the White Lottery is a familiar strategy among longtime lottery players, in which players will focus on a single number. In the opinion of many prediction experts atNEW88, the concept of Bach Lottery is choosing a single lotto to bet on.

This method requires lottery players to use judgment skills and skillfully synthesize information to ensure the most accurate lottery number is selected. The advantage of playing Bach Thu lottery is that it saves time, does not require large capital and still has the ability to achieve big rewards.

In addition, players also have a higher winning rate compared to other lottery strategies such as lotteries or double lotteries. However, the disadvantage of this method is that it is not suitable for people who prefer safety and want certainty.

How to catch Bach Thu lottery according to the day

Currently, there are many different ways to play Bach Thu lottery, each method will bring its own winning rate. Let’s immediately learn the 4 methods of playing Bach Thu lottery that professional lottery players share below, helping you quickly grasp today’s Bach Thu lottery with the highest chance of winning.

Follow the diamond shape to play the White Hand lottery

With this method of catching Bach Lottery, you should keep track of the daily prize drawing results and arrange the prizes in vertical order. If in 3 adjacent solutions, 2 numbers A and B appear, forming a diamond shape as follows:

  • A
  • A

Then you should immediately play the white card game AB the next day or raise it continuously for 5 days. However, note that this playing method should only be applied to the Third, Fourth and Fifth tournaments for the best performance.

How to catch double lotto with mute beginning and end

Observe the lottery statistics table from the previous day or 3 to 4 days ago. If you notice at least one dumb head or dumb tail, consider double-hitting that dumb head/tail the next day. For example, if today there is a 3 and a silent 7, you can play the double number 33 or 77 to play the next day.

The method of playing Bach Thu Lottery is based on the mute head and tail

Similar to the method of catching double lotteries described above, players can apply a new strategy by catching the White lotteries touching 0 of the silent head or tail the next day. This method will take the form A0 or 0A, where A is the silent head or tail.

In addition, if there are at least 2 ends (tails) that are both mute, you can also play the Bach hand pair AB or BA. Take advantage of these special features to increase your chances of winning big in the lottery.

Catch the White Lottery with the falling lotto

This method of catching Bach Lottery is extremely simple and especially suitable for those who are just starting to play lottery. However, to have a chance to profit, players need to be patient and maintain applying this method continuously for a period of 3 to 5 days.

First, observe the special prize of XSMB from yesterday to determine the number AB. Then, during the next 3 to 5 days, you can play the winning number from this series of numbers or choose the opposite option, THREE lottery to increase your chances of winning big.

Experience in catching Bach Lottery to win big

How to catch the Bach Lottery is quite simple, players only need to focus on choosing only one number to raise and play during the day. Although the capital investment is small, due to the high payout ratio, the risk level also increases. However, lottery experts have helped you with some of the following extremely accurate lottery experiences.

How to catch the White Lottery according to the total number

Applying the lottery sum method according to folk experience is one of the online lottery strategies favored by experts. This method promises to bring a higher chance of winning than playing white cards. Below are general questions with high winning rates that have been verified by experts:

  • The special lottery total applies to the next day’s lottery.
  • Calculate the shadow of the special total and apply the same for the next day.
  • The sum of the numbers in the first prize.

Raise the frame lot for 3 days

In addition to the above method of catching Bach Thu, the experience of raising lotteries within a 3-day frame is another method that players can apply. To increase your odds of winning, you should choose the most beautiful lottery number and eliminate the liver lottery number (which hasn’t returned in a long time).

If by day 2 it still hasn’t come out, continue growing it until day 3 to complete the cycle. If the lot does not come out after a period of 3 days or if the numbers are shiny or mixed, you should choose another lot to raise.

Avoid lottery

Avoiding lottery numbers is very important because they often take a long time to come back, reducing the chance of winning. Combining the method of cultivating base numbers with lots that have recently come out is also an effective strategy, because players often choose lots that have come in a lot during the month to increase their chances of winning.

Above is information shared on how to catch the White Lottery smartly for lottery players. Hopefully with the sharing of experts hereBookmaker NEW88 has helped you better understand standard lottery methods and experience in choosing numbers with high efficiency.

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