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Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions through On-Grid Photovoltaic Systems

As a pioneer in the sistema solar on grid space, Sungrow is committed to advancing innovation in the sector. Sungrow is committed to research and development, and as such, it is always creating cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve the efficiency and dependability of on-grid solar systems. Sungrow is transforming the way they produce and use renewable energy by pushing the envelope and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of on-grid solar systems.

Inversor String Linha CX

The Linha CX Inversor String is here, delivering exceptional performance tailored for the Brazilian market. Achieve unparalleled efficiency with 9 MPPTs and a maximum efficiency of 98.7%. It’s compatible with bifacial modules and offers an optional built-in PID recovery function.

Experience intelligent O&M with remote firmware updates and touch-free commissioning. Online IV curve scanning and diagnostics provide advanced monitoring capabilities. The fuse-free design and intelligent string current monitoring ensure optimal performance.

Enjoy cost savings with compatibility for both aluminum and copper AC cables. The 2-in-1 DC connection simplifies installation. Take advantage of the Q Night function, generating reactive power during the night.

Rest assured with proven safety features, including IP66 rating, C5 corrosion protection, and integrated Type II surge protection for both DC and AC. It complies with global safety standards and network codes.

Enhanced Energy Storage Solutions

Sungrow understands the importance of energy storage in maximizing the potential of sistema solar on grid. Their energy storage solutions, such as the PowerTitan and PowerStack, offer advanced capabilities that optimize energy utilization. By storing excess energy during peak production periods, these solutions ensure efficient energy management and seamless grid integration. Sungrow’s energy storage systems empower users to harness the full potential of their on-grid solar systems, enabling them to achieve greater energy independence and stability.

Industry-leading Technology and Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, Sungrow has established itself as a leader in the sistema solar on grid. They boast the largest inverter factory globally, with a remarkable production capacity of 305GW. This significant manufacturing capability allows Sungrow to deliver high-quality and bankable solutions for clean energy generation. With their industry-leading technology and expertise, Sungrow continues to set new standards for performance, reliability, and efficiency in on-grid solar systems.


Sungrow’s commitment to innovation, enhanced energy storage solutions, and industry-leading technology and expertise make them the go-to choice for the sistema solar on grid. By continuously developing advanced technologies and solutions, Sungrow is driving the evolution of the clean energy industry. Their energy storage solutions optimize the utilization of on-grid solar systems, enabling efficient energy management and seamless grid integration. With years of experience and the largest inverter factory in the world, Sungrow delivers high-quality and bankable solutions for clean energy generation. Embrace the power of innovation and choose Sungrow to empower your sistema solar on grid. Together, they can create a sustainable and brighter future.

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