Can Four of a Kind Be Closed to 4 Pairs of Pines When Playing Forward?

Can four of you cut down four pairs of pine trees? is a question that many of you still doubt when playing Tien Len at New88 today. As you know, four of a kind and four pairs of pine are both extremely strong cards. Then this article will answer all about this issue for you!

What card game is Tien Len?

Tien Len is known to be an extremely popular and widespread card game throughout Asia. The game is now provided as online entertainment at bookmaker NEW88. Tien Len uses a deck of Western cards including 52 cards, a table will have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people.

Because Tien Len is divided into many different regions such as the South, North and Central. However, usually the game rules of each region will not have too many differences. Because there are quite a lot of terms in the game. Especially card combinations of great value. So the question of whether four of a kind can cut 4 pairs of pine needles is the biggest question the bookmaker receives.

What card game is Tien Len?

What are the terms you need to know when playing Tien Len?

Previous NEW88 answers questions Can four of a kind cut down 4 pairs of pine trees?. So let’s take a look at the basic terms you need to know in the Tien Len card game!

  • Junk cards: are odd cards, with value equivalent to the number printed on the card such as: 3 to A and the largest is 2 (pig).
  • Straight: These are cards that come together to form straights with consecutive values ​​(for example straights from 2 to 7).
  • Pair: 2 cards of the same value when combined together will be called a pair (for example, a pair of 8 includes 2 number 8 cards)
  • Set of 3: A term referring to 3 cards of the same value (for example, three number 7 cards are called a set of 3 7s).
  • Three consecutive pairs: Three consecutive pairs of values ​​are called three consecutive pairs (For example 3-3, 4-4, 5-5)

What combination of cards is considered four of a kind?

Before understanding the question Can four of a kind cut down 4 pairs of pine trees?, then you need to clearly understand what the four-of-a-kind card combination is.

A combination of 4 cards of the same value is called a four of a kind. For example, if you have four consecutive number 8 cards, it is called a four of a kind. The card combinations to compare with a four of a kind will have 4 cards with the same number. Depending on the order 3 up to A and the largest is 2 (pig).

FourWhat card combinations can you pick?

Four of a kind is considered a strong and valuable card combination when playing Tien Len. Specifically, four of a kind can cut the following cards:

  • The four nobles can chop 1 pig or a pair of pigs
  • Four precious pieces can be cut into 3 pairs of pine trees
  • Four of a kind numbers with a larger value can cut four of a kind with a smaller value

In Tien Len, fourCan you cut down 4 pairs of pine trees?

Can four precious people cut down four pairs of pine trees? The answer will be no. According to the most basic Southern Tien Len game rules, 4 pairs of cards is the card combination with the greatest value. In addition, a four of a kind cannot cut another four of a kind card combination if it is of greater value than your card.

Can the four quarters be cut into four pairs of pine trees?

The ultimate trick to avoid being cut off by opponents when participating in Tien Len

After knowing clearly about the question Can four of a kind cut down 4 pairs of pine trees?. Then NEW88 will reveal to you some great tricks to help avoid your opponents using four of a kind to cut your cards:

Prioritize playing card number 2 in pairs and avoid tearing odd cards

You should know that to block a number 2 card, you need a four-of-a-kind combination. If you want to block pair 2, you need 2 four-of-a-kind combinations. However, the case of owning 2 combinations of four of a kind when dealing cards is very unlikely. So if you have a pair of 2s, avoid tearing them up to play individually. It’s best to play in pairs to have a chance of coming first.
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Unleash a special move that forces the opponent to tear up the four-of-a-kind card

Usually, the possibility of breaking a four-of-a-kind card is very rare. Because anyone who owns four precious things wants to use them to chop pigs. However, you can attack individually to force them to tear apart the four quarters they have. From there, you will reduce the risk of your opponent using four quarters to chop pigs.

The ultimate trick of not letting your opponent use four of a kind to cut cards you need to know

So NEW88’s article has answered the players’ questions in the question Can four of a kind cut down 4 pairs of pine trees?. Hopefully with the above shares, you will learn and gain a lot of experience to become a master who can sweep every playing hall at the house!

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