5 Ways to Play Scratch Cards to Always Win Like an Experienced Master

These How to play scratch cards and always win in the following card playing handbook by experts at Nhacaiuytin will help all bettors make money successfully. With these formulas, you can be completely confident when participating in any playground. After that, earning money is no different from veteran experts.

Instructions for playing 3-card scratch cards specifically

If you want to firmly understand how to play scratch cards and always win, you first need to remember the following basic rules and principles of playing cards.

The most basic rules of playing scratch cards

Knowing the rules of the game is the first way you must remember to always win when playing scratch cards. According to general rules, the number of members participating in each game scratch cards There is no specific limit on how many people there are. But at reputable playgrounds, only about 6 castles will be allowed to play in one game.

After gathering enough members to open the casino, the dealer will shuffle the cards first. Once finished, one of the participants splits the deck into two parts. The dealer is responsible for reversing the positions of those two parts and combining them into one as before.

At this point, 3 random cards can be dealt to each player. The person with the highest total score of the 3 cards will be the winner. Depending on the form you play, whether you play turtle scratch or female scratch, the profit earned will be different.

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How to count scratch card buttons extremely accurately

Each player will calculate the total of the cards according to the following rules:

  • Ace cards are counted as 1 point.
  • Cards with the letters J, Q and K are counted as 10 points.
  • All remaining cards have values ​​corresponding to the number of buttons printed on them. For example, a 2-button leaf has 2 points, a 7-button leaf has 7 points, and the highest is a 9-button leaf with 9 points.

If you add up the scores of 3 cards and the total score is greater than 10, you only take the last number to compare the cards with others. For example, 3 cards 4, 7 and 10 add up to 21. That means you only have 1 point in this game.

What are the most popular ways to play scratch cards?

If you want to know in detail how to play scratch cards and always win in every variation, please understand the following two popular card playing styles.

How to play traditional 3-card scratch cards

This type of scratch card game is divided into two small forms: turtle scratch and card scratch. If you play turtle scratch and have the highest score, you will receive all the bets from the remaining players. But if you play scratch cards, you can only win money when the score of the 3 cards you are holding is greater than the dealer’s current score.

How to play 3-card scratch card

The way to play scratch cards is more complicated than the traditional way of playing but it is extremely dramatic and attractive. You will be able to choose one of the following basic commands after joining:

  • Raise: If you are confident that your 3 cards have a higher score than someone else’s, you increase your bet, which is called a raise.
  • Call: When you also bet more money like the previous player, it is called calling. The additional bet amount must also be equal to ensure fairness on the betting table. But if you don’t want to follow the lesson, you still have the right to pass.
  • Set: If you feel the score of the cards in your hand is too bad, you can set the cards face down. This means you have given up all of your initial bet.
  • All bet: This is a challenging option, but if you win, you will receive a lot of money. Going all in means using all your available bets to put into this hand because you believe your score is big enough to beat every opponent on the table.

How to play scratch cards and always win like a veteran

Below are ways to always win when playing scratch cards that anyone who wants to earn money should equip themselves.

Understand the different types of scratch cards

Scratch cards exist in many variations and you need to understand them so you can confidently participate in any game. This is one of the ways to play scratch cards that always wins everywhere, shared by top players. If you are a new player, you cannot ignore this secret if you want to make long-term money from three-card casinos.

Remember the participation regulations of the venue

This is one of the ways to play scratch cards that many players always use to win. Each venue will have separate regulations on the number of participants in each game and the rules of card playing.

Before playing cards, all members will be thoroughly instructed on all of these regulations. No matter how urgent you are, you must read the contents written inside carefully to choose the appropriate card playing and betting strategy.

Play the first hand with the smallest bet

Many veteran players share this winning way of playing scratch cards on many online betting forums. Especially those who play cards at an online game portal for the first time cannot miss it.

Using a small amount of money to bet will help you prolong your playing time as long as possible. Thanks to that, you will find out the rules of the cards’ appearance to increase your chances of winning. Many bettors have been successful in every game hall with the unbeatable scratch card playing tips we shared above!

Always stay calm and focused even when winning

In this comprehensive guide on how to play scratch cards and always win, this sincere advice is never missing. Even if you have won many consecutive games, you should still stay calm so you can focus on the next games.

Because just a little negligence can cause you to not bet in time, leading to missing the opportunity to make more money. Especially when playing scratch cards, with just one wrong decision you will lose a significant amount of money.

Play 3-card scratch cards at reputable addresses

Experts advise that players should only play card games at reputable addresses. Because these places always have specific and strict security and reward policies. Furthermore, all game rules are aimed at the benefits of participants.

Finding such places to play will definitely make you a lot of money every week. That’s not counting the attractive promotions that place will give you.

Above are ways to always win when playing scratch cards that experts with more than 10 years of experience at Nhacaiuytin have compiled. Be sure if you apply the specific instructions above correctly and fully. will help you quickly turn defeat into victory in the next games. Hope you make money right away!

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